Cultural Tourism Online Masters Program

MIRO Programme

One territory, a laboratory for cultural tourism

A program financed by the French National Research Agency in accordance with the Investments For the Future Program.

The MIRO Programme, led by the University of Perpignan, is an innovative model that meets the economic needs generated by the development of cultural tourism and the transformation of a cross-border region.

The Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion is located at the crossroads of two leading models and traditions in cultural tourism:

  • France, first destination in number of visitors
  • Spain, first destination in terms of revenue

This quality programme has been designed in collaboration with the Universities of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD), Andorra (UdA), Paris VI (UPMC-OOB), the Balearic Islands and Sciences Po Toulouse as an answer to the developmental challenges of a unique territory.
It is structured around three main innovative and interactive platforms:

  • miromaster, an educational and professional training platform
  • miro+, a platform for cultural tourism news and the study of target audiences
  • viamiro, a platform for technical knowledge and ongoing training

The MIRO Programme has been granted 5.5 million euros in funds by the National Research Agency (ANR) over a period of seven years under the auspices of the Initiatives for Excellence in Innovative Training (IDEFI).